We have happy customers and we pride ourselves on the fact we have great customer service. The best way to get ahold of us is via email! we also accept phone calls when we are able in the morning hours! If you are not satasfied for some reason shoot us a line! 

Subscription services: To cancel a subscription email us at thepinetreetea@gmail.com 1 week prior to scheduled shipment please confirm with us when you recieve confirmation of subscription cancellation from bankful our payment provider. 

Important: You will recieve a confirmation email reply from myself & then bankful our subscription service confirming you are unsubscribed. 

To change subscription plan please email us 

Shipping Policy

International customers: We have no control over customs processing, customs or duties fees. Please see the International shipment page for further details before placing and order. 

All Products (with the exception of pine needles) will ship the following day Mon- Fri with Thursday orders shipping Fri AM We are closed Sat & Sun 

Free Priority Shipping on orders over $80.00 

Free First Class shipping included on orders under $80.00 in value If you would like this order sooner you can choose a faster shipping option at your expense. 

Fresh Pine Needles will ship USPS priority service if you are outside of our three day shipping chart, to arrive to you nice and fresh. 

We use USPS These days priority service is not guaranteed, the only guaranteed shipping time from USPS is overnight. We use a special produce keeper bag that helps to keep needles fresh. 

Fresh Pine Needles - Seasonal foraging schedule will be posted. 

SUPPLEMENTS- shipped direct from our supplement partner in colorado and can take a little more time than our in house products to reach you please be patient if ordering supplements. 

Returns & Refunds 

We realize that on occasion postage takes longer than expected. If you needles are still green and supple they are still good, if they get left in a mailbox baking in the desert sun or don't get put in the freezer (for example) whoops they can expire. If you are feeling like your needles aren’t up to snuff upon receiving them shoot us a photo of the needles ( outside of the bag please) within 24 hours of receiving them so we can learn how our process & product is getting to you. Don’t worry we will send you a replacement product if they seem to have hit their expiration date in delayed transit because we understand & sometimes postage can take longer than expected these days.

Please note… all pines will lose a bit of their green luster in the fall when they are shedding, though the medicinal content is still high in the fall. Pine is an organic semi perishable so it comes with some natural imperfections and seasonality. we are processing a lot of pine and it is normal to have some brown needles here and there. We try to sift our brown needles but may miss a few in sifting through a-lot of needles. Some of the pine may look slightly different. This is because we sustainably forage Eastern White pine from many specimens and all trees have their own character traits.  Pine will always oxidize a bit after harvest.  The bags will have some inner condensation, this is normal. We want to deliver a good product and try our best to educate you in regards to the product you are receiving.

There are many moving pieces to shipping a fresh product, staffing accordingly to have foragers on hand and processing/ packaging for shipment within 24 hrs of harvest. We are always learning so please reach out ( in kindness please ) if you are not satisfied and we will work with you.

All Concentrates ( oils and tinctures)  -if your item is unopened you can return it to us for a full refund once it is received on our end, buyer is responsible for return shipping.

Supplements - all sales are final 

If you entered your address incorrectly We understand we make data entry mistakes sometimes too so we will replace your item and ask that you pay for shipping on the second delivery if we included shipping for you on the first parcel.